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Sean’s insights and practical advice were/are very helpful. He added to my understanding, and took extra time to make sure I heard what I needed to. The energy work was very well received as well. Nothing short of amazing. I’m very grateful. 

Zachary Haskell 
Made some Self Love Goals today and one of them was to get my Energy back. So I sat still and found the word Etheric Parasite. Never heard of it but of course Universe delivers it when you are ready. So I pulled this page up. Will read more on it and I would love to learn how to remove them. 

I have had 2 sessions with Sean and plan to continue working with him on a regular basis, as he is beyond doubt, the most powerful healer I have met. I’m a healer myself and have worked and studied with some of the best. Sean blows most of them away. Every time I’ve work with him my issues have been resolved almost immediately. He has helped me with resolving chronic anxiety that came about after a psychic attack and health problems, blocks to finding love, health issues and more that I won’t mention here. I have recommended him to friends who are equally as impressed with their experiences working with him. I consider Sean to be a gift to this planet. 

As a highly targeted individual, I have found my reading with Sean to be one of the most interesting and valuable readings I have ever experienced.. 
It is so reassuring to finally discover a healer of this calibre, as many I have worked with have not had the perception and tools to deal with the level of interference 
I have been dealing with… I have been working on self-healing for many years and been seeking the type of tools that Sean has advised, which have greatly helped strengthen my protection and ability to function on a daily basis already. 
It’s astounding the level of information and the intricacy of detail he is able to access and the power of the healing he delivers.. 
Sean is very astute and relays the information in a totally neutral way. 
He is a true inspiration in the next level of healing, and his integrity and presence here gives me real hope for the future of the human race! 
I’m already looking forward to my next session with him. 
With great appreciation. 

Kim Ann
another great session with Sean, who’s psychic tracking is beyond anything. Always a ton covered, you must record, i listened to mine 3 times since and it does help. No matter what your “level”, you will always come away healed and with new insights. 

Grzegorz Gunia
It was an honor and pleasure to speak with Sean. He is extremely talented, I really glad that I get an opportunity from Universe to talk with him. His healing abilities are amazing. Immediately after a session, I felt that vast of blockages just goes away. I feel now more powerful than ever before. His words and knowledge went deep in to my core essence, new realizations appeared in my thinking patterns and I have a totally new level of experience during my meditations. I have more energy to go with normal daily basic exercises. He upgraded my connection with my multidimensional self. I admire you to book a session with him, don’t even hesitate. It is a great way to put your money on. The best thing you can do it’s investing in your own healing. He will help you with that and put you on high-speed track in your awakining proccess. All for your greatest good so you can grow and recall who you trully are. 

My session with Sean was wonderful. He answered a lot of question for me along the way. I felt lighter on my feet and my breathing was cleaner and clearer. My mind was once again focused and my heart at peace. I went on to have dreams last night where the healing process continued one organ at a time. Thank you Sean you have truly touched my life in a positive way. 

Ryan K Johnson
I recently had a reading session with Sean and I can say that I truly appreciate the genuine effort he puts towards your benefit. Personally I feel more attuned with my goals, knowing that so much creative energy is abound me. My mind is clear and I feel a calm ease as I stand firm in my own truth. Our session involved Sean telling me what I am capable of,and letting me know that I can find the answers right here. After our session I had plenty of homework to do and I got lots of fascinating insight that just expanded my what I knew as my galactic self. Sean gave me a more connected view on myself and on how I ‘m affected from the parts of me that are unseen. It’s a new way to take ownership of yourself as well as tapping into those hidden powers. I’d recommend Sean to anyone looking to expand their own understanding of the interconnected self and what it is that could be lying underneath the surface. Sean gives you his best and that is something that is clear to see. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Sean in person. Sean is a genius in his abilities and how he can articulate and explain to others how to help them. As an intuitive and healer myself Sean and KJ have helped me to further my abilities and gain a greater understanding of my multi dimensional self. They both helped me with my 13 year son who has been targeted. I am extremely grateful for all they do … I highly recommend anyone to have a session with them… it will definitely change your life! 

Natalie Jean
I woke up very humbled with a great sense of peace in my Beingness…. so much was lifted during my session with Sean and my pain level subsided, along with the fear. When you are faced with your own multi-dimensional aspects, the mundane seems like a drop in the bucket. Our own healing process and having the tools to manage these aspects is what is truly needed at this time to unlock the potentials laying so dormant within us all. Sean and KJ are truly gifted and one of a kind. Thank you both for being a stepping stone on my path of integrating this very ancient Soul….. 

Can not thank KJ enough for her help today with a session, I definately feel lighter alittle emotional and freer from all attachments, before the session I had a bad feeling in my stomachs it went instantly during the session! So much love for her help! Thank you again beautiful!! 

Sean is an amazing, gifted healer. Smart, and pretty real. The season was pretty interesting with him, however it was something to remember. The healing was actually pretty quick and much appreciation for ASKING for consent to do certain things, that’s very respectful and aware. Healers like this are really rare. thanks man. I highly recommend Sean for those that truly need and will immensely benefit from his assistance. 

Alannah Ryane
It is an absolute pleasure to comment on my session with Sean. Sean is not only extremely generous with his time but I couldn’t help but feel his patience and caring throughout. Starting with a clearing and fortressing up (love that), which must be truly intense on his end, to the variety of skills he has acquired to navigate this maze of energetic landscape unseen to most of us. I do suggest you have a back up record in case as my ipad skype recorder failed and I never thought to record the audio on my phone. For some reason I have not received Sean’s recording of my session so just trusting that reason is important somehow. In the meantime I have gone back to the journey training I was going to start before I found Sean and with my new ‘back story’ it was extremely successful! I tried to write out my session days later from what I remember… I got down a paragraph! My memory of it is fading fast so I am grabbing memory triggers from other videos to insert into what I do recollect. Sean is a beautiful and valuable gift to humanity and I look forward to more sessions with him. He has made me feel like I’m on time and not lagging behind as I feared. He is Awesome! 

I had a session last night with sean and it was an incredible experience. There’s so much i didn’t know that i now do. It was an amazing experience and i look forward to more sessions with sean. 

A. Braithwaite
After several healings/Readings with Sean, I am totally amazed each time at the depth of his knowledge and abilities. Healing each problem I have had, 
he has worked to great depths, such as past lifetimes, timelines, dimensions, and places I know not, to find the origin of the problem and heal it,and using multiple skill sets, too vast for me to remember. 
When I have been sick, suddenly toxins, congestion pains, and heaviness have been lifted, cleared, causing quick healing. My memory has greatly improved,knowledge of spiritual animals has been given, and healing tools given. And this is just putting it simply, he does so much that I have quickly lost track, just know that I feel so much better! 
Sean is very gracious with the cost of his work. Such a Kind,Gentle,Patient and Powerful Healer! 
I am so appreciative of all he has done for me and mine, and for all he has taught me! 
I Highly recommend his amazing, multi-level, Genius work!!! 

Steven Tuminello
Great reading, looking forward to another one! 
I have been watching his popularly grow. 
Steve T. 

My reading/healing with Sean was really good. Sean shared some awesome information with me that really resonated and made me feel very good, things tha i needed to hear, things that i had always felt so really confirmiing too. I felt very comfortable talking to Sean, he was really patient with me also. Sean was able to take a lot of my physical pain away and lift my spirits at a time when i was struggling a lot, the session gave me a fresh start and push to get my spiritual momentum going again, I also gained some cool new skills and techniques that i am still using. 
Thankyou so much Sean i also appreciate you being affordable to my budget, 
Look forward to talking again, 

I continued my work with Sean recently. There has been a very large fear block, that I have tried for so long to clear and I believe he found the soul origin of it. I feel it lifting off me, daily since our session and am having much more clarity, peace and less brain fog. I am truly grateful that I found him and for his abilities. 

Fascinating material was given to me. I received extensive healing on the main subject that I couldn’t get direct information on. There was so much that I’m still trying to process everything that was said to me. I hope Mr. Bond remembers to send me a recording. My equipment failed and he explained the blocks that were involved. After the session, I longed to know more, but he told me so much! I woke up the next day feeling very soothed. I’m totally glad for this experience! I’d do it again. We got off to a rocky start in coming together, but his attention to helping me, more than made up for it. Thank you so much, Sean. Bless you and may you have everything you need to do your work in peace. 

Linda Rethwisch
I really enjoyed my healing session with Sean Bond. Despite many types of electronic interruptions to our session (many blocks making themselves known), Sean provided very professional clearing assistance and remained patient and calm. He has a tremendous gift of being able to access multi-dimensional information and sharing it. I appreciate his openness as well as his gracious sharing of tools and methods to assist me on my journey of self-healing. I very much look forward to working with him further!

I had a healing/reading session with Sean, and even as a seasoned lightworker, I am AWESTRUCK. He has such multidimensional abilities, it is off the charts, and he talks fast, so an hour is like two hours, plus his work beforehand with you. If you had chakra work before, you have not had it like Sean does it, interdimensional and in all time space. I am truly glad I found him and will definitely continue my work with him. His suggestions in using techniques are quantum indeed, and he can track problems to their origin in space/time/dimensions/universes. Truly buzzing from his healing also. HIGHLY recommended… 

Wyle Greer
Wow! Just had my first session with Sean. This is my first experience with any of this and I must say it’s quite awesome. I feel so much better after the session than I did before, clearer, lighter mind. I’m look forward to using all of the tools Sean has given me and I am looking forward to our next session. Thanks Sean you are great! 

I’m impressed, I must tell you. Very rarely do I come across a blog that’s both informative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve right from the beginning. Your blog is important, the issue is something that not enough people are talking intelligently about. 

Travis T. Smith
I gotta say I was absolutely excited when I booked a session with Sean bond.first of all things I greatly appreciate the generosity both Sean and Kj have in the financial area they will work with you honestly to find an acceptable price.I love the clearing before the session it helped get rid of the clutter that was around my field and the session I should just stop here I was speechless he revealed so much it was fascinating. He helped me become confident in my abilities and taught me his techniques for biohacking manifestation, creating multidimensional astral structures and easily explained muscles testing to increase certainty. He recorded our session and answers any questions I have though he encourages you to muscle test your questions to get your answers.he’s a true blessing to thoughs that cross his pat.

Mary D
I don’t even know where to begin. This was one of the most amazing sessions I’ve ever experienced. Sean is completely thorough and in depth and I feel I’ve had a load lifted off my whole body. He has vests amount of information and knowledge and I have never felt so uplifted after a healing as I do know. I suffer from anxiety and brain fog in my day to day life and I feel so much clearer after just the first session. I will 100 percent be coming back for more as there are so many things I would like to learn about myself and have already benefited from the healing. I’m in awe with just how much information has been accessed and the synchronicity of what Sean was saying with my life. He also teaches you how to access this information yourself and that for me is priceless. I’m so happy and honoured that I have been guided and able to access such a powerful being. Thank you Sean! 

Well, it was so so fascinating and I am so grateful for all the work that has been done and the generosity I received. I felt so blocked and therefore doubted myself. And now stuff starts happening!! All of a sudden, forgotten memories come up, stuff can be released and I finally start to dip into before dormant talents, and I am much more outgoing all of a sudden. I get things done. Fascinating!!! 
Thank you so much!! Much appreciated!! So glad this session was possible so fast – really needed it.

I feel that my session with KJ is the best money I ever spent. You can’t put a price on healing your soul. KJ cleared out all of my demons I got from my family, found 2 curses I had that were put on me from many lifetimes ago. I haven’t found any other “healer” able to find, pinpoint the origin, and get rid of these kinds of things. She brought down my stress and anxiety levels, cleared billions of past emotions from all my past lives up until now. After a session with KJ I felt I had walked into a new life and started over, all the crap was erased and the past was gone. I looked in the mirror and saw myself for who I really am for the first time. I am so thankful a friend pointed me to KJ and Sean. I went back and forth and finally decided to get sessions. The evil forces DO NOT WANT YOU DOING THIS WORK TO HEAL YOURSELF AND GET FREE. I needed deep healing and clearing, not tarot readings and astrology charts. They are who you want to work with when you’ve had enough pain and want to get to the bottom of your issues in your life. I never imagined I could feel so light, free, and happy. I would say to anyone reading this, These sessions are invaluable, don’t put a hold on your healing, happiness, and your freedom any longer. 

I just finished a session with Sean and I am blown away with all the knowledge he has and information he has access to. He is truly a genius. He has answers to things you would never be able to find out in this life. If you aren’t feeling good it’s probably spiritual and he can figure out the cause of the problem and where it is coming from. He not only cleared my karma, put protection over me, and shared knowledge of my past lives and what’s going on with me spiritually but he gave me spiritual tools to help myself on my own. I can’t wait for my next session where he will teach me telepathy and to do more things that will help my spirit heal and evolve. A session with him is priceless! 

I STRONGLY recommend having a session with Sean to EVERYONE interested in experiencing what lies beyond the world we got to know from our parents, school and social environment! I’ve used the session with Sean to open my eyes and understanding. I would like to personally thank Sean for this outstanding experience. The next session is already booked and I can’t wait to have it.

James Robert Clark
Great stuff Sean… All that you post is correct, but deep stuff my friend. Keep up the good work and put me on your mailing list please.

k shrinivas reddy
Super I was introduced to Sean through a krishna village was very impressed by his gifts and ability to see multi-dimentionally and connect with different timelines – past, present, and future. So, I was intrigued and went in for a session. I’ve been doing a lot of releasing and clearing work of my own, but having someone see that deeply into your timeline and ancestry was pretty amazing. He was also able to go so deeply within my own ancestry and pick up on the Divine Masculine/Feminine energies that are working with my linage and many of the spirit animals that I have around me as well…He hit the nail on the head with a lot of information he was able to access and It’s A LOT of information, so recordings of your readings with him will come in handy for some closer analysis. Also, I work very closely and dearly with the Divine Feminine energy within my own practice and Sean was able to pick up on that immediately…He has so much respect for that energy and Mother Earth. It’s nice to see such a balanced Divine Masculine person have a balanced Divine Feminine energy as well and it comes across in his readings/healings. Like some have already mentioned before, he is very generous with his time and sharing of information/knowledge. He’s always been there to answer any questions I may have every now and then (and I have had manyyy questions that Sean has so graciously answered – ). Believe me, follow your intuition and curiosity because you’ll be impressed by him as well! Much love and light . Great Person 

W. Williams
I have no idea how to put in to words the rare ability that KJ has? Nothing I say here could give her work justice! 
I have had sessions with Sean who is amazing! 
I wasn’t aware of KJ or Her work, but had heard others talking of her in a group we are both members of. I have observed KJ as having a mediator/peace keeper type role, or one who the awakened group turn to for advice or to resolve disputes. kJ is clearly highly respected and sought after within the awakened community! 
I had been having encounters with shadow beings that were causing me and my child to feel anxious at home but also we seemed to have explosive outbursts of rage and aggression towards each other. My home was a hostile environment for weeks and I did not recognise myself. 
KJ made contact with me after a mutual associate made it known to her about my situation and KJ contacted me. she told me my son had countless attachments and all kinds of horrors and she cleared him just like that! She also closed a portal in his bedroom and many other things I wouldn’t be able to explain. The change in my son was immediate! I would not have believed it Had I not seen it with my own eyes! 
We spent the next 2 days together my son and I bonding and enjoying each others company (something that hadn’t happened in months!) My son was oblivious to all of this) There is so much more to say but no words could give her work justice! 
Thank you so much for helping me and my son KJ! I will never see the world in the same way again! There is so much more going on behind the scenes!

Mary Okorn-Jimenez
KJ has cleared my three boys and myself when we were sick this past winter, shortening our recovery time immensely. She has also woven protection around my home during a time of great upheaval, keeping it a safe haven in a world of turmoil. I have watched her clear negative influence from MANY people in real-time; effectively diffusing potentially explosive situations and returning a person to a calm, un-influenced state. She is also an adept at identifying a person’s particular frequency and degree of influence, and then works to bring the person back to a sacred neutral position. KJ has also given me a few tools to employ myself, really empowering her clients to awaken their own protective and intuitive abilities.

Rose Night
KJ has done a lot of amazing healing on my cat and I. She has a real gift for intense yet gentle healing and I know my cat and I would not be as well as we are today without her help. I don’t normally go to other energy healers for help as I can usually cope myself, but KJ has abilities I don’t, which allow me to thrive instead of just cope.

Brad Brazier
YES … just YES ! Ive been re-listening to our Session over and over again – each time picking up something new that I hadnt been able to un-compress and digest the deliciousness of its relevance to my current life experiences and the totality of my consciousness. Seans thought-energy process is expressing Pleroma-like files of multi-dimensional information relevant to what you need to do next in your life and your daily processing of life , to progress up the levels of vibration and connecting more strongly and definitively with your higher self , and of course , the different versions of you in your other expressions of life-experiences. Without blah-ing on too much more (coz I cant help it !!!) , I have learnt A LOT from Sean (understatement of the Year!) , and feel my connections with my higher self have opened immensely , I am able to express Love and Gratitude to more of myself / to others / to Mother Gaia and to the rest of the multi-verse AAAAND ….. I have a deeper understanding of my Purpose here , which is OHHH SO IMPORTANT for all people to have – a Sense of their individual purpose in life. I could not have wished for a better friend / teacher / enlightener and will always remember “Asking Sean for a Session” as a major turning point in my life. Thank you once again my brother from another Mother …. and another … and another …. ooooohhhh and another one … ……… and another …….. and so on…. haha (I felt those connections then and feeling the bonds (pardon the pun!) more and more Mr Bond. Yes indeed  ……. Last Note : A fair warning to those who are just about to Book ……. Get a helmet! The ride is not rough – at all – its just at superluminal speeds – Strap in. Hit Record. Goodluck

I was blessed to have the opportunity to have a session with Sean last night. He is truly a wonderful soul with a wealth of information and healing abilities and a very genuine and kind soul. It is amazing how the information flows to him, how he connects with the ability to interpret what is going on with and around who he is reading and then the level of detail he goes to explain the information as well as what you can do to see, identify and clear and protect. Even things that were “above my head” ended up being understood. The meeting held synchronicity for me in so many ways and was very healing. I slept better than i have in weeks after as well and I highly recommend Sean to everyone. Thanks Sean!

Sean you are a Tesla of Spiritual Science! Yes, Sean is an Oracle and a generous kind soul. If you are fortunate enough to be drawn to his energy, count yourself greatly fortunate and be READY! 
Take the time and prepare for your session. Get in tune with your different bodies, and ask that Source bring the issues with the highest need for clearing to your awareness. A 2 hour session will FLY by, so getting yourself prepared is well advised. 
Sean is a Spiritual scientist and is able to read streams of data, and then organizes them in files that you can access later… That is if you are willing to do the work! 
It is obvious, that he has arrived at his current abilities through countless hours of scientifically conceived consciousness exploration. He generously shares his techniques and makes it quite clear that we all have the ability to really get behind the wheel of our DNA technology, through muscle testing and various psionic methods. 
If you had the chance to spend time with Tesla, Einstein, or any other genius in their field, wouldn’t you want to? 
Here’s your chance! Book a session with Sean NOW! The Spiritual Science Master has bravely come forward to share his skills. Are you ready? 

Maximo Slonecker
Great Blogpost thank you for sharing.

Gregor M.
I had a session with Sean couple of days ago, I instantly felt a positive uplifting connection with him, he really is an amazing person. Me as many others did wonder about my dna lineage, spiritual entourage, who or what is attacking you, what your abilities are and so on. 
It’s quite easy to be deceived into thinking you are in any way shape or form something less than you actually are, or to be burdened with stuff which isn’t really yours etc., so it’s imperative to get such information and empower yourself with confidence you as a soul always had, it was just diminished by the limited mind. Sean explained things in great detail as much as time allowed, he did the necessary clearing and shielding before, during and after the session and I do feel a lot better. 
I especially recommend a session with Sean for targeted individuals and/or those who are experiencing the dark night of the soul, where things can easily get out of hand, but it is also great for those who just wanna know more about themselves as a spirit and such. 
Sean is a fantastic person, I am grateful for my interaction with him, for the mutual uplifting benefits, cos I know he is also uplifted when he knows he helped somebody who has come here to do good, shine his own unconditional loving light, to help and uplift others. Clearing he did, healing and techniques he teaches have their instant benefits and also come as necessary a survival kit for the future. He really goes the extra mile for a person, not for pleasing others but to give you what you need so you can move forward with confidence. 
Thanks Sean, keep up the good work and I’ll recommend you to anybody who needs multilevel info and cleaning.

Michael Dille
I just had my first session with Sean and I was blown away,I already feel so many amazing changes with me and I can’t for what comes next. Seeing Sean just validated that I am on my right path, looking forward to when we speak again. Thank Sean

Woon Kang
I had a Fantastic appointment with Sean and learned a great deal of all encompassing information. The wealth of knowledge really solidified the direction I felt I needed to go. I was also curious about my spiritual entourage and many things on a multidimensional level which I definitely got answers to. I feel I am now wiser and better prepared for the journey ahead thanks to his continued guidance.

Dawn Mazur
I have had 2 profound sessions with Sean. After a spiritual awakening 30 years ago I became a healer, Trauma Recovery Practitioner, and CranioSacral Therapist. Then, about 9 years ago I came under psychic attack which severely debilitated me. After years of ongoing attack, I could no longer help others, and felt I was barely clinging to live in this dimension. I sought help from other healers but no one could make a permanent difference until I met Sean. Besides working to disconnect me, he gave me tools to empower myself. These tools were his most important gift, for they allowed me to empower myself, and stand up successfully to the non-corporeal beings plaguing me. My life 4 months later is so completely transformed that it is difficult to remember how awful things had become before meeting him. I have gone from being a recluse locked in a grim battle to remain in my body… to again working with others to help them become balanced and aligned within themseves. I am re-tooling and have gone back to school to learn from other healer/Bodyworkers almost full time… yet I still have energy to do sessions for others between classes and studying. Life is again filled with deep peaceful joy. Deep gratitude to you Sean! 

Petra Staudigl
Dear Sean, I want to thank you for your amazing being and for your help which is precious like Diamonds in this world. 
Meanwhile I have met many masters and healers around this world and most of them belifed they could focus a very dark and smart being which was with me for my whole life and stole my energy all along. In fact noone could. Noone but you. Deep out of my heart I wish you Namaska and Namasté    

Darla D. Manning
I am very picky about whom I will reach out to for Healing, as not everyone is who they represent themselves to be. That said, it was clear to me from the moment I first saw Sean ( on Wolfspirit Radio ) that he was genuine and has humanity’s best interest at heart. Sean is also wise beyond measure. Fortunately, I was able to tape our session, so that I can go back over the work he did with me, as much of it was over my head ( to say the least ). However, he has been very patient with me and still responds when I reach out to him with questions. I feel that the work he has done with me is still unfolding and will continue to so as time goes on since he has offered me many tools to strengthen/access my own gifts. The other thing I VERY much appreciate about Sean, is that he always asks for permission before tapping into your energy, which speaks to his integrity, and integrity is EVERYTHING. I hope to have another session with him again in the near future.

Raman K
I was introduced to Sean through a friend who was very impressed by his gifts and ability to see multi-dimentionally and connect with different timelines – past, present, and future. So, I was intrigued and went in for a session. I’ve been doing a lot of releasing and clearing work of my own, but having someone see that deeply into your timeline and ancestry was pretty amazing. He was also able to go so deeply within my own ancestry and pick up on the Divine Masculine/Feminine energies that are working with my linage and many of the spirit animals that I have around me as well…He hit the nail on the head with a lot of information he was able to access and It’s A LOT of information, so recordings of your readings with him will come in handy for some closer analysis. Also, I work very closely and dearly with the Divine Feminine energy within my own practice and Sean was able to pick up on that immediately…He has so much respect for that energy and Mother Earth. It’s nice to see such a balanced Divine Masculine person have a balanced Divine Feminine energy as well and it comes across in his readings/healings. Like some have already mentioned before, he is very generous with his time and sharing of information/knowledge. He’s always been there to answer any questions I may have every now and then (and I have had manyyy questions that Sean has so graciously answered – ). Believe me, follow your intuition and curiosity because you’ll be impressed by him as well! Much love and light 

Greg Okulove
I had a session yesterday with Sean and it was a deep exploration into who I am at a macro level and its a level most healers cant get to. His expertise he readily shares is so loaded with information that you could miss the healing if your not paying attention. My healing is unfolding now but I am becoming aware of long trapped and unavailable abilities which Sean helped free. Sean is very generous with time and information and a 2 hour session contained enough for a 2 week session! I really felt honored by sharing time with Sean.

Dear Sean, 
Unbelievable things have taken place since our session – my young son’s behavior has improved 99%, I just can’t believe it – he’s cooperative, calmer, loving with me and has completely changed his attitude at school – participating and not acting out anymore. He seems happy now too, not negative like he used to be. 
And as for my work – I have the biggest deal of my career about to happen, quick & easy. I strongly feel these massive life results are directly linked to the clearings you helped us with. 
You’re an incredible gift. 

Willow williams
I’ve had quite a few readings and healing sessions from various mediums, some I’ve been more impressed with than others. My first session with Sean Bond in February absolutely blew me away! Unlike ANYTHING I have experienced! He accessed me on past timelines, cured my morgellons (although it came back ) nothing has worked curing my morgellons besides Sean’s healing! He showed me how to muscle test, and cleared portal from my house. I wouldn’t go to anyone else now! An intelligent, beautiful warrior of a soul! Thank you Sean, can’t wait for the next session

Buz Hasson
If you’re working with sean than you’ve found your way to the next level. I’ve been studying and practicing a ceremonial sacred life for a few years now and was able to fast track my experience through identifying my tools and skillsets. Sean was able to read and locate within my frequency and aptly describe how the DNA abilities work and how to become familiar with them.Truth is stranger than fiction when we can claim are inner power and knowingness. Sean’s work has been instrumental in me Unlocking at my core what I’m capable of to have a positive influence on my daily life and protection and info needed to navigate properly in this society while on the healing path. Thank you for your insights and teachings.

David Beaulieu
Thank You for awakening the dormant energies that my being holds , truly an amazing experience connecting with Sean giving meaning and understanding to one’s journey and life path. 
Highly recommend going down the Rabbit hole to See and Feel The Universe From a whole new perspective… 
Many thanks until the next time, 

Sean’s a very knowledgeable and good healer, I definitely can vouch for. Not just for having great tools to help you heal various issues. 
But also among other things, having the ability to access and articulate accurate information about you (In my experience: even things I had not told anyone before about myself before). I can highly recommend you reaching out!